The “Never-Ending” or “Endless Card


Aloha, all!

     I have had so much fun getting to understand how to make the "Never-Ending" or "Endless" card that's been so popular in early 2011.  It's not a new project by any means.  But Stampin' Up! featured one in its magazine for Stampin' Up! demonstrators in February 2011, and it's been popular ever since.  In the beginning I had trouble figuring this card out, and took some wrong turns (as it were) before finally figuring out my own set of instructions.  Now I have TWO sets of instructions.  One is one of my "One-Page Tutorials," and the other is a video. 

     You can find the One-Page Tutorial by clicking here.  There is also a page showing the numbered pages that I use in the video to demonstrate how to make the card.  If that is the page you are looking for, click here.

     And here is the video!


Here are the photos of the card shown in the video:

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