Yes, I Do Windows!


One Stampin' Up! Convention Swap I entered was a "No Layer" challenge.  The idea is to make a card without adding any more paper to the base card and still make it interesting.  We were permitted the use of one embellishment.

To attack this challenge, I chose to make windows in the front of my card through which you can see what is stamped inside the card.  This is the card I made:

The Pumpkin Pie colored fish are stamped on the inside of the card.  I punched circles on the front of the card, and then embossed a larger circle around the punched circles using the Punches Plus embossing template.  But how to get those circles lined up nice and straight and evenly spaced?

The first step is to create a template, draw the circles in just where you want them and then punch the circles in the template.  Then place the template on the inside of the front of the card, and punch the holes through the template.  Here are the steps:

Stamp the front of the card.  Here, I stamped the boat from Life's A Breeze and added the Something Fishy wheel (Pumpkin Pie and Tempting Turquoise). 




Next tape the template to the inside of the front of the card (using removable tape!).  Note that I measured horizontally and vertically and was able to write all my measurements down before I punched the template.




Punch through the template.Punch the front of the card using the template as a guide.  If nothing of the template shows in the punch window, you're right on target!




Stamping the fishFinally, stamp the images you want to show through the front "window."  I chose to do it this way, rather than using the template, because this was a nice small image and I didn't have to set the template up again.  Of course, if you're using a larger image inside the card, you will want to use a template to help you out.