Project Life by Stampin’ Up! – Planning Ahead!


Aloha, all!

     I'm really enjoying putting my first Project Life by Stampin' Up! album together.  It will be an album for 2014, and so far includes all of our fun activities except for the time of our daughter's visit with her family in February.  That's going to take some time to organize because between the two of us we have several hundred pictures (gasp!).

     On top of this, my husband and I are planning a rather extensive trip to the U. S. Mainland in September and October.  There will be at least seven locations where we will be with family and friends and involved in a wide variety of activities.  As this is the first big trip I've taken since I learned about and began working with Project Life, I'm trying to plan what I'm going to do as far as taking photos and putting my memory pages together.  Actually, I think I have things pretty well planned, though there are still a few things that I have to buy to take with me on my trip so I can make pages as I go along.

     My problem right now is that I can hardly wait to go on this trip and see how all my planning works – and we're not leaving for another two months (well, 55 days actually).  So I decided I had to get some of this Project Life planning out of my system so I could get working on some other projects.


     I finally decided to get out some of the materials I'm planning to use on my trip and make a set of planning cards!  The one favorite part of my planning kit is the Stampin' Up! Photopolymer Stamp Set, Greetings From.  What a delightful variety of stamped images in this set.  And of course they're perfect for traveling!  I'll be using even more of the stamps in the set than those you see here.  With as much fun as I had making these pre-trip cards, I know I'm going to have fun on the trip!

     While Stampin' Up! sells 3" x 4" grid cards for Project Life projects, they do not yet sell 6" x 4" grid cards.  So I bought these from a local store that sells official Becky Higgins Project Life products.  They're WONDERFUL for journaling – and not just hand journaling!  6" x 4" cards will run right through a printer that can be set up to print 6" x 4" photos.  I have an HP 8600 all-in-one and these cards print beautifully.

     For these cards I first stamped the images and then set up my computer file to print the text so it would line up with the images.  Then I had my all-to-frequent "duh" moment, where I realized that, if I'd just done the text first, I could more easily stamp to match the text than vice versa. 

     So I got this stamp set and the project out of my system for a while at least.  Now I can move on to some other projects! 




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Posted on : Jul 23 2014
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