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     For the easiest of all scrapbooks, Stampin' Up!'s digital program, My Digital Studio, is the best!  And it's become even easier by allowing two-page layouts to be viewed and edited side-by-side!  While my favorite new feature of MDS-2 is that you can color stamps with different "inks," being able to view and edit pages side-by-side is a close second in my voting for favorites!

     While it was possible from the beginning to unlock the page views and see two pages side-by-side, the new feature of MDS-2 is much better than that.  Now the pages sit side-by-side by design, and it's SOOO much easier to line up the elements in each page.

     This is how the pages of a recent scrapbook looked while I was editing them.  The first thing that was super easy was lining up the Border Embellishment from the Comfort Cafe Designer Kit.  Before I would have had to look at the positioning of each border vertically by using the Edit feature.  Copy the placement, open the other page, use the Edit feature, paste the placement number.   There were a couple of other ways I could do that, but none would show me how the two pages would look side-by-side.  Now I know visually that the two are lined up horizontally!

     This way of looking at the pages also allows me to place the photos and other elements in a way that looks pleasing to my eye.  Believe it or not, sometimes an angle of a photo just doesn't look right to me and I go fuss with it until my eye is comfortable with the placement. 

     As you can see with my designs, I like my scrapbook pages to be fairly clean and simple in their design.  I definitely oooh and aaaah over the fabulous pages done by the truly gifted designers.  But my focus is on the photos and getting them into a book that people will enjoy leafing through – to see the photos! 

     For my project last week, I was also doing THREE photobooks with a DEADLINE!  Had I thought to make these photobooks earlier in the year, I would have been in a bit less of a rush.  But once I decided that each of the three grandchildren involved in the story I am telling in this photobook had to have his or her OWN photobook,in JUST THREE WEEKS! things became a bit more complicated – and more of a rush.

     My Digital Studio to the rescue!  I now have all three photobooks at the printer and I should have them in plenty of time to show off at home and then pack for my trip to North Carolina later in the month. 

     And, no, it's not three copies of the same book!   Each books is different, and not just in small ways.  Check back here next Tuesday and I'll tell you more about them!

Breaking News:  A Price Reduction from Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! has announced a PERMANENT REDUCTION IN PRINT PRICES for most of its My Digital Studio print projects, including the soft cover photobooks that I've designed for my three young grandchildren!  So instead of the basic price for these books being $24.95, they're now $19.95.  For 24 pages, including 2 that are printed as the front and back cover, that is a super deal.  I'm definitely going to be having more of these printed with that kind of a price reduction.  $60 sounds a lot better than $75 for three of these!  If you'd like to know more about My Digital Studio and they printed projects, just send me an e-mail and I'll be glad to help you!

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Posted on : Oct 04 2012
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