Another Scrapbook, More Pages – Even Easier!


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     This is a continuation of my blog post of last Thursday, where I talked about making three scrapbooks for each of my three North Carolina grandchildren using My Digital Studio.

     Can you imagine making three traditional scrapbooks when you decide at the last minute that you need to take a scrapbook for each of three children when you go visit them in a few weeks?  I don't even want to go there.  I would be up until midnight for days in a row and NOTHING else would get done, including packing for my trip! 

     Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio to the rescue.

     To begin, I made one scrapbook using My Digital Studio, from start to finish.  That was the big project.  Figure out the papers, embellishments and basic layouts.  These are for children, after all, so I didn't need to crowd a lot of photos onto a page, and I didn't need a lot in the way of embellishments – just enough to make the final printed book look like some care had been taken to put it together.

     The book captured photos from a trip that my husband and I made to North Carolina last Spring when I took LOTS of photos.  Many of the photos were group photos, but many were also of just one child.  I wanted have a book that included the group photos, but also photos of just the child whose book this was. 

     So I made the first book with many of the groups photos – such as the two pages that I showed last Friday.  Then I included photos that featured the one child whose book this was to be. 

     For example, in this layout, the only child involved in the T-Ball game was Kiara.  So this is unique to her book. 

     But all three children were involved in her or his own way in the project to make birthday cards for their grandfather.  So the page layouts were the same for all three children, with different individual photos for each child's book. 

Making Cards - all 3 children

     The second and third pages took 5 minutes to do and most of that was in closing and opening files.  Those pages that were the same in all three books took NO time for the second and third book.  Can you even imagine all the work that would go into the second and third pages of a traditional scrapbook!?!  Neither can I.

     If you haven't tried out My Digital Studio, you can TRY IT OUT FOR FREE for 30 days!  Once you buy it from my Stampin' Up! online store, I'll be more than happy to help you out as you get to know this fun and easy program!

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Posted on : Oct 09 2012
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