Remembering My Kitty on National Cat Day!


Aloha, all!

     As many of you know, our wonderful kitty, Cholla, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past May after 19 great years, 17 of them with us. When a friend reminded me on Facebook that this was a day set aside for pampering our cats, I dismissed dealing with the day as I'm still pretty sad about Cholla not being with us. But then I remembered that I'd put all of the photos I had of her in a digital folder to get ready to make a scrapbook celebrating her life with us. I think I'm about ready to be able to do that, so I started it today with some Digital Project Life scrapbook pages.


     Since this is a Robin's Craft Room blog post, what better set of photos to put together to show how much Cholla enjoyed being in my Craft Room! If there was a horizontal surface on which she could lie – especially if there were papers involved! – then Cholla was there. I cringed when I saw her by the guillotine paper cutter one day because sometimes I used to leave the handle up. The "used to" part was before I caught the photo in the lower left. I still shudder to think what might have happened.

     Of course, whenever a Stampin' Up! box would arrive in our home, Cholla was right there, scowling if I tried to open it to get things out of it. Oh, and she loved that paper that used to be the filler for the boxes. She never did get into the bubble wrap that's used today.

     And I don't even have to have dates on these photos as it's been a long time since I've had my stamp pads in the Color Caddy (it's still available, but I have my stamps in Stamp-n-Storage shelving now). Oh, and all those brads and eyelets and buttons that were in the little round cases and stashed in their own carousel! We don't have many of those any more, and the carousels (yes, I had two) are long gone from my craft room.

     I still have that guillotine cutter, though. And I still put the handle down even though Cholla's not around anymore. And I can get right into my Stampin' Up! boxes without interference. I'd really give anything to have that interference again!


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Posted on : Oct 29 2016
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