Absolutely Incredible Kid – A Digital Page!

Aloha, all!

     Today is this year's Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.  "Celebrating its 18th anniversary, Camp Fire's Absolutely Incredible Kid Day honors our nation's youth by asking adults to write letters of encouragement and inspiration to the incredible kids in their lives. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated. Lives are changed by this act of love and kindness."

    Once I heard about this celebration and the reason for it, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to express my own appreciation for an Absolutely Incredible Kid in my life, my grandson, Quin.  He's awesome in so many ways, but he's been especially awesome as he's blossomed into a wonderful performing artist.  His latest venture, with his performing arts academy's guidance, is in performing on stage as a singer, both as a soloist and with a group.  But what really woke me up to his incredible talent was his performance in his academy's production of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas this past winter.


     I'd never seen the movie on which this stage musical was based.  But, a month or so before the performances, while I was visiting on the U. S. mainland, my son and grandson sat us down to watch the movie.  I wondered how my grandson would play the role of Jack Skellington and wished I could have seen the play.  Once I saw photos of the production, I knew just how wonderfully he had nailed the role!

     Of course, now that I had the photos, I knew that I would have to make a scrapbook page or two memorializing this fab performance.  Today's page is one that I made using Stampin' Up!'s digital program, My Digital Studio.  This program is SO easy to use with just a bit of basic training courtesy of Stampin' Up!  In fact, you don't really need to have much in the way of skill in putting digital elements together.  You've probably never seen this exact layout no matter how much you use My Digital Studio.  But that's not because it's an original layout.  I took a pre-made layout originally meant for a Christmas Album and swapped out some (but not all) of the "papers" in the layout, along with the photo elements.  In the original there were two places for photos, for example.  In this modified layout there's just the one.

     I couldn't decide which of the photos I wanted to use as the main element in this project.  But I finally decided on the one that included a dance routine (my grandson takes dance lessons with the academy, too!), but went ahead and used the other two that I liked as background images. 

     And that's pretty much the way this whole page came to be.  I'd see something that would spark an idea and then I'd go looking for something in the My Digital Studio library on my computer that would help me put that idea on "paper."  Oh, and it's oh so much easier than it used to be to figure out what you have already purchased that would work for your projects.  I went into my Stampin' Up! digital download files, and there are actual pictures of the downloads.  So no guessing what images are in what downloads. 

     If you're at all interested in digital scrapbooking – or even making cards using My Digital Studio – I'll be more than happy to help you get started.  There's a free trial available for the basic program, and I'd love to help you download it and get to know the program. Just click here to get started!


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Another Scrapbook, More Pages – Even Easier!

Aloha, all!

     This is a continuation of my blog post of last Thursday, where I talked about making three scrapbooks for each of my three North Carolina grandchildren using My Digital Studio.

     Can you imagine making three traditional scrapbooks when you decide at the last minute that you need to take a scrapbook for each of three children when you go visit them in a few weeks?  I don't even want to go there.  I would be up until midnight for days in a row and NOTHING else would get done, including packing for my trip! 

     Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio to the rescue.

     To begin, I made one scrapbook using My Digital Studio, from start to finish.  That was the big project.  Figure out the papers, embellishments and basic layouts.  These are for children, after all, so I didn't need to crowd a lot of photos onto a page, and I didn't need a lot in the way of embellishments – just enough to make the final printed book look like some care had been taken to put it together.

     The book captured photos from a trip that my husband and I made to North Carolina last Spring when I took LOTS of photos.  Many of the photos were group photos, but many were also of just one child.  I wanted have a book that included the group photos, but also photos of just the child whose book this was. 

     So I made the first book with many of the groups photos – such as the two pages that I showed last Friday.  Then I included photos that featured the one child whose book this was to be. 

     For example, in this layout, the only child involved in the T-Ball game was Kiara.  So this is unique to her book. 

     But all three children were involved in her or his own way in the project to make birthday cards for their grandfather.  So the page layouts were the same for all three children, with different individual photos for each child's book. 

Making Cards - all 3 children

     The second and third pages took 5 minutes to do and most of that was in closing and opening files.  Those pages that were the same in all three books took NO time for the second and third book.  Can you even imagine all the work that would go into the second and third pages of a traditional scrapbook!?!  Neither can I.

     If you haven't tried out My Digital Studio, you can TRY IT OUT FOR FREE for 30 days!  Once you buy it from my Stampin' Up! online store, I'll be more than happy to help you out as you get to know this fun and easy program!

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Digital Scrapbook Pages – Made Easy!

Aloha, all!

     For the easiest of all scrapbooks, Stampin' Up!'s digital program, My Digital Studio, is the best!  And it's become even easier by allowing two-page layouts to be viewed and edited side-by-side!  While my favorite new feature of MDS-2 is that you can color stamps with different "inks," being able to view and edit pages side-by-side is a close second in my voting for favorites!

     While it was possible from the beginning to unlock the page views and see two pages side-by-side, the new feature of MDS-2 is much better than that.  Now the pages sit side-by-side by design, and it's SOOO much easier to line up the elements in each page.

     This is how the pages of a recent scrapbook looked while I was editing them.  The first thing that was super easy was lining up the Border Embellishment from the Comfort Cafe Designer Kit.  Before I would have had to look at the positioning of each border vertically by using the Edit feature.  Copy the placement, open the other page, use the Edit feature, paste the placement number.   There were a couple of other ways I could do that, but none would show me how the two pages would look side-by-side.  Now I know visually that the two are lined up horizontally!

     This way of looking at the pages also allows me to place the photos and other elements in a way that looks pleasing to my eye.  Believe it or not, sometimes an angle of a photo just doesn't look right to me and I go fuss with it until my eye is comfortable with the placement. 

     As you can see with my designs, I like my scrapbook pages to be fairly clean and simple in their design.  I definitely oooh and aaaah over the fabulous pages done by the truly gifted designers.  But my focus is on the photos and getting them into a book that people will enjoy leafing through – to see the photos! 

     For my project last week, I was also doing THREE photobooks with a DEADLINE!  Had I thought to make these photobooks earlier in the year, I would have been in a bit less of a rush.  But once I decided that each of the three grandchildren involved in the story I am telling in this photobook had to have his or her OWN photobook,in JUST THREE WEEKS! things became a bit more complicated – and more of a rush.

     My Digital Studio to the rescue!  I now have all three photobooks at the printer and I should have them in plenty of time to show off at home and then pack for my trip to North Carolina later in the month. 

     And, no, it's not three copies of the same book!   Each books is different, and not just in small ways.  Check back here next Tuesday and I'll tell you more about them!

Breaking News:  A Price Reduction from Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! has announced a PERMANENT REDUCTION IN PRINT PRICES for most of its My Digital Studio print projects, including the soft cover photobooks that I've designed for my three young grandchildren!  So instead of the basic price for these books being $24.95, they're now $19.95.  For 24 pages, including 2 that are printed as the front and back cover, that is a super deal.  I'm definitely going to be having more of these printed with that kind of a price reduction.  $60 sounds a lot better than $75 for three of these!  If you'd like to know more about My Digital Studio and they printed projects, just send me an e-mail and I'll be glad to help you!

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A Scrapbook Page – Explosion Style!

Aloha, all!

     This blog post originally was part of the September 2012 SUDSOL blog hop.  SUDSOL – or "Simply Unique Demonstrators Sharing OnLine") has a fantastic library of samples and patterns for me to use when I need something for a class or even just a day-to-day blog post!  This is what I showed off as my contribution to the blog hop.  I went looking through some old patterns to try to find something that I could make using up-to-date materials to add to the library.

Closed Box

     A BOX?????  What in the world is so special about a box?  Well, in this case it's what's INSIDE the box! 

Open Box

     It's a full 12" x 12" Scrapbook Page, is what!  The design was a contribution to SUDSOL by former Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, Sherry Robinson, back in early 2010.  Lots has changed in the Stampin' Up! catalog since then, and so I updated Sherry's sample with products both from the 2012-2013 Stampin' Up! Catalog as well as from the Stampin' Up! 2012 Holiday Catalog.  As you can see, there are seven panels where you can place a photograph as well as two panels that have a place to insert some journaling note.  Is that not cool?  And if you look REALLY closely you'll see my contribution to the blog hop from the Stampin' Up! 2012 Holiday Catalog!

     Here are two pictures that show how the page looks as I begin to fold it up…










…and as it's fully folded, ready for the lid to be placed on it.  (Well, it's actually sitting on the lid in this photo – the only way I could hold it closed AND take a photo!)

     Just quickly, I'll go over the Stampin' Up! products that I used for this project:  Lucky Limeade, Tangerine Tango and Whisper White Card Stock;    Summer Smooches Designer Series Paper; Fancy Fan Sizzix Embossing Folder; Sizzix Scallop Envelope Bigz Die; Tangerine Tango 1/2" Scallop Dots Ribbon; Rich Razzleberry 1/4" Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon;  the 1-3/4" Circle Punch; the stamp set, Bright Blossoms (on the journaling paper).

Oh, and that Holiday Catalog product?  It's the Window Frames Collection Sizzix Framelits.  That is one product from the catalog that has GOT to stay around.  I've been using it so much, it feels like a main catalog product!


If you were able to follow the blog hop, I'm sure you had a fun time looking at all the projects!  And if you're too late for that, you could go back one post in my blog and see yet another project that I made from a pattern in the SUDSOL Library! 

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A Fun Way to Capture Letters to Santa

This post was originally part of a blog tour for the online Stampin' Up! Demonstrators group, SUDSOL. 
You may still participate in the tour using the links at the bottom of this post.  Lots of great holiday projects – and you don't have to be Demonstrator to enjoy it!

Aloha, all!

     There are so many wonderful products in this year's Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini Catalog that I haven't been able even to start to use them all.  One that I finally decided I had to use (because I have grandchildren who are young enough to still believe in Santa) was the stamp set, Dear Santa.  I actually bought the set because I just had to have the "To:  From", Holly, and Snowflake stamps in the set.  I wasn't so sure about the "Dear Santa," but now I've figured out how to put even that stamp to good use.


     These are two "Letters to Santa" books that I've made for two of my grandchildren (would you guess that their names are Morgan and Kiara?).  These books are made from the 5" x 5" On Board Journal sold by Stampin' Up!  I covered them with paper from the Designer Series Paper Set, Holly Berry Bouquet and decorated the front with the Dear Santa Stamp Set.  

Journal Pages

     Inside each journal, I decorated pages on which the girls could write their letters to Santa – or this could be their Christmas Scrapbook!  Most of the pages are decorated with either the snowflake or the holly sprig from the Dear Santa Stamp Set.  But other pages I decorated with some of the stockings from the Stitched Stocking Stamp Set (also – you guessed it! – from the Holiday Mini Catalog!).

     I actually got the girls to help me out with this.  Last month, when I was visiting them, I asked if they'd each write a short letter to Santa so that I could use it when I was blogging about this project.  They jumped right into it – and they both wanted a puppy!  It was so touching, as they'd lost their last dog to an illness this summer, and you could tell right away that this was to be THE thing for this Christmas!

     For the very young people in your life, they wouldn't even have to write in the book!  Think about having them draw pictures of what they'd like, as Morgan drew a picture of the puppy she'd like.  Or have them cut or tear pictures out of catalogs and paste them onto the pages.  Hmmm, I might just have to cut some pictures out of the Stampin' Up! catalog to show Santa what I'D like this year!

     Finally, you could use the pages that are the journal as the basis for a Christmas Scrapbook.  You could make this into a fun 6" x 6" Scrapbook or even put the pages on a large 12" x 12" scrap layout.  This is a hybrid project – the background and lettering is done with My Digital Studio and the rest is the "real" stuff.  The stocking uses the Stocking Builder Punch and the candy cane is from the Sizzix Stocking Accents Die (both in the Holiday mini, of course!

Scrap Page

     And as for that puppy that my granddaughters had asked for for Christmas this year?  It turns out that this year Christmas came two and a half months early.  Their new puppy arrived three weeks ago and the whole family is absolutely thrilled. 

          I hope you've enjoyed reading about my idea for the Dear Santa Stamp Set!  I had a lot of fun with it and I'm sure that you will, too. 

If you're a member of the SUDSOL online Stampin' Up! Demonstrators group, click here find in the patterns section of the website a set of instructions for you to use as a tutorial or class handout, including a template to use to cut the holes through which the binding wires go and the measurements for the paper to use for the cover.  Demonstrators who are NOT a member of SUDSOL can access the instructions, too – with a FREE two-week trial membership to the group!  Why not try it out TODAY!!

CONTINUE on the Blog Tour

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Invitation to a Challenge!

Aloha, all!

     To begin, I hope that you all know that any time there's a challenge at the Stampin' Up! Only Challenge blog site, ANYONE can join in!  You don't have to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator or even have a blog.  There's a group called Split Coast Stampers that's a great place for you to post a photo of a card that you've made, and then you can link that photo back to the Challenge blog.  In fact, I think I may just have to write a tutorial on how to do that – just one more thing to add to the list of things on which I'm procrastinating (I don't know if I should be making a smiley face or a frowny face after that statement).

Invitation Card

     OK – now here's my card for this week's SU-Only Challenge to make an invitation to a party.  As I said in the SU-Only Challenge blog, it can be any kind of party at all.  Well, one of the parties that I, as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, occasionally have is a "Crop" or "Scrapbooking" party.  What better set to use to advertise such a party than the 2011 Summer Mini Catalog Stamp Set, Travel Log.  This stamp set is the PERFECT scrapbooking stamp set for scrapbooks about trips that we've made.  I wish I'd had more time to scrapbook this summer so I could have done more to demonstrate this set.

     One of the things that I did with one of the stamps is something that I do on occasion – I cut it up into separate stamps.  The three phrase stamps are all part of one stamp, but I cut them up so that I could easily stamp them individually if I wanted.  I was also having difficulty figuring out when I'd want to use the stamp set with all three phrases together.  Usually that would come to my mind immediately after I cut the stamp apart.  But that didn't happen this time, so I guess I'm good with them split up.

     The colors in this card, besides the Whisper White Card Stock, are Cherry Cobbler and Not Quite Navy.  I accented each of the phrases with pennants cut using the Petite Pennants Building Punch.  This is a great punch because you can punch both the straight-edged pennant and the scallop-edged pennant with the same punch! After I layered up the pennants, I tied them all with a bit of the Cherry Cobbler/White Baker's Twine.  This is one of the products from the Summer Mini Catalog that's been carried over into the 2011-2012 Catalog.

     Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to have that scrapbook party so I can make up more invitations!  If you'd like to come, just let me know when.

     And today I have a sketch for this card.  After having had quite a few posts based on the sketches of others, I finally have one of my own that I can share with you!


     I hope you have fun with your stamping this week!  And don't forget to post one of your fab cards on the SU-Only Challenge blog!

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An Early Spring Challenge!

Aloha, all!

     Have you recovered from the "Spring Forward" time change of the past weekend?  Here in Hawaii it's not something about which I have to worry – except everyone I know on the U. S. Mainland had their time changed, so I have to adjust to that.  And I do mean that I have to!  I have 5 clocks that I need to change twice a year!  I'm probably the only one within miles that has to change so many clocks when Daylight Savings Time comes and goes!  Here's what I see above the doorway to our office every day:


     So I definitely am aware of when the time changes.  Behind every clock there is a scrap page that shows something about the time zone and the particular place within that time zone where we're likely to have an interest.

     But I digress from the challenge of the day!  A stamping group to which I belong – Late Night Stampers and not limited to Stampin' Up! demonstrators, I might add; so you're eligible to participate! – has a weekly challenge, and the challenge this week was to made a card or other paper-crafting project related to Spring.   A few weeks ago I finally broke down and bought the Build a Blossom Stamp set and the coordinating Blossom Petal Punch.  I say, "broke down," because there were so many other products in the 2011 Occasions Mini Catalog that I've wanted to buy.  This was way on down my list – and I finally got to that part of my list!

Build a Blossom Card

     While I've not had this set of products in my own possession, I nonetheless have been watching what people have been doing with it.  So I knew what steps I wanted to take for my first try. 

  • First I stamped some Whisper White paper with the solid medium size petal stamp using Pretty in Pink classic ink.
  • Then, using the Stamp-a-ma-jig stamp positioner, I stamped over those stamped images with Melon Mambo.  So now I had a two-color flower petal.
  • I punched these petals using the Blossoms Petals Punch.
  • I repeated this process with the smaller petal stamps, again using Pretty in Pink and Melon Mambo.
  • I punched a 1" circle out of card stock (I used Whisper White, but any color will do as it will be hidden) and covered it in SNAIL mono adhesive. 
  • I then applied the tip of each of the large petals to the circle.
  • When that was done, I used my paper piercer and curled the petals slightly to make them appear more natural.
  • I applied some snail adhesive to the center of the circled petals and then applied the small petals the same as the larger petals.
  • I used my paper piercer to punch a hole in the middle and used one of the Sweet Stitches Fabric Designer Brads for the flower's center.

     Once my flower was done, I had to decide what to do with it – it couldn't just sit there on my craft table, after all!  At the same time that I'd ordered these new products, I'd also ordered the First Edition Specialty Designer Series Paper, also from the Occasions Mini Catalog.  I have a recollection of having wrapped flower bouquest in newspaper from my younger years, and that paper seemed just the thing to wrap a bouquet with this flower!  So I added some leaves to the flower, and trimmed a few pieces of Old Olive Card stock to look like stems and wrapped the whole thing together into a bouquet.  Just darling if I say so my self.

     To complete the card, I made a card base of Old Olive Card Stock and layered it up with a piece of paper from the 2011 Sale-A-Bration Catalog – part of a set of FREE DESIGNER SERIES PAPER offered this year to anyone who purchases $50 worth of Stampin' Up! products!  Is that a deal, or what?!  Then I tied it all together with a bow made of Pretty in Pink 3/8" Taffeta Ribbon.  A darling bouquet for a Thank You note!

     Don't forget that Sale-A-Bration is over in just two weeks!  If you've been thinking about purchasing something that would allow you to get your free products, don't delay!  You can call or e-mail me, or even order online anytime 24/7!  www.RobinStamps.StampinUp.net!  If you order the Build A Blossom Stamp set (either in wood (121923) or clear mount (121994)), the Blossom Petals Punch (121808),  the 1" Circle Punch (119868), the Sweet Stitches Fabric Designer Brads (121880) and some Snail Adhesive (104332), you'll have more than enough to get that free paper set – or a stamp set or anything else in the Sale-A-Bration Catalog!

     And you definitely can have a lot of fun with all those wonderful Stampin' Up! products!


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Addendum to my Flip Fold Video

Aloha, all!

     Last week I published a video tutorial demonstrating how to make my Mini Flip Fold Album.  (The video is on my Facebook page.  Just click here and you'll see it in my February 25, 2011, post.)  Those of you who have had a chance to view it may have noticed that I started out using lots of adhesive as I would with a "real" project.  Then I realized  that this was just a demo album which I had printed with the letters A, B, C and D to show you how I was putting the album together.  So it was a demo project; no need for all that adhesive!

Flip Fold Album

     This afternoon I proved myself wrong in the latter thought.  I was cleaning up my table to make another video and was about to toss the sample project.  But wait – that was a piece of Confetti Cream Card Stock I'd used to make that sample!  And, yes, it had stuff printed on it.  But I could cover up the printing with some Designer Papers!  And so I did, and here is the final project.  The stamps on the cover element are from the Level 2 Hostess Stamp Set Apple Blossoms.  Love this layout – I used it in the first batch of thank you notes to those who bought my Card Layout eBook.

     But I digress.  On the inside, I didn't need to add any papers to the small flaps (that I like to use for journaling) because the paper is a nice light color.  But I did add a stamp from the Stamp Set, Artistic Etchings, to decorate the flaps a bit.  And I decorated the remaining pages of the album with some more of the Jolly Holiday Designer Series Papers – the paper is nice and thick and hides those printed letters beautifully!

Inside of Flip Fold Album

     Those of you who might have paid really close attention to my video may have noticed that the last few "scenes" showed the pieces of card stock with the circled letters, but without the dashed lines that I had originally shown as the locations for scoring.  The story behind that is that I put the first set of papers together – adhesives and all – without remembering to turn on the camera.  Stupid, stupid.  Those pages I DID throw away.  They weren't going anywhere but in the trash, especially as I crushed them when I realized I done all that demo for nothing!  And it was a better job, too!  OK, take a deep breath, Robin.

     So – no dashed lines here that I had to cover up.  And I have yet another lovely album to give away as a gift!  Just need to add some photos.

     I hope you had a great weekend with lots of crafting time!  I'm about to get very busy with all the challenge projects that I have to get done before I leave on a trip next week.  But I'm going to have fun with them all – as I hope you do with all of YOUR craft projects!

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OK, I Give Up! More Snow Stuff!

Aloha, all!

     The last time I posted I said that I was so OVER snow.  And I just sit and read about snow, I don't live in it.  I can't imagine what you gals and guys who've been living with so much of it this winter are going through (well, yes, I've been there/done that – 50 inches the last winter we spent on the mainland).

     But when there are grandchildren involved and their mother (a photographer) takes pictures of them, I have to give in.

Carson in the Snow

Morgan in the Snow

     Both of these scrap pages are made with Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio, and both feature photos of one grandchild each.  The photo layout is one of the built-in layouts provided in the software package that comes with My Digital Studio.  I modified it just a bit, added the background paper, some snowflakes from digital "stamp sets" and some journaling backgrounds made with digital "punches."  All digital!  Not a speck of paper wasted trying out different colors for the mats!  And (best of all) no added clutter in the craft room!  That's the real plus because it seems to be in a constant state of disarray as I am cleaning up after Christmas and getting the new Occasions Mini Catalog stuff set up.

     If you have any questions about My Digital Studio, I'll be glad to help you with them!  I've taken all of Stampin' Up!'s tutorials and have a lot of practice doing lots of fun pages (fun is my mantra for 2011!).   There's also an online resource for everyone who uses My Digital StudioMyDigitalStudio.net.  Lots of great samples and discussions!  If you're not quite sure you want to buy this software, go check that website out – you'll be hooked!

     And whether you're making cards or scrapbook pages or anything else creative today, have fun with it!

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Countdown to Christmas! Day 12 – A Quick Christmas Album!

Aloha, all!

     While I promised that I would post every day between December 1st and Christmas Day, I am about to be the recipient of a surprise gift from my dear husband, who is whisking me off to the island of Kaua'i tomorrow.  I've known about this for over a week, but I really thought (in this busy season, no less!) that I'd have time to make projects and post them while I was gone.  Hah!  I can hear my dear late mother saying that as I say, "I've got another think coming!"

     So I will be absent from my craft room and my computer desk until Thursday.  I'm even probably going to miss the Diva Coffee Break Challenge this week, but I'm still not certain about that.  Depends on how quickly I can pack this evening.

     For today, though, I thought I'd share a new take on an old pattern, which some call an "explosion" album.  I'm not sure what's exploding, but it sounds fun!  I'd thought of it as an Accordion Album for a long time.  So now I've decided to call it an Accordion Explosion Album, and I've had the tutorial here on my blog for quite some time.  I even updated it a bit last spring. 

Folded Album

     For this week, I've used my quickly dwindling supply of the Candy Cane Lane Designer Paper set to make an album that will be cute to hold Christmas photos of my grandchildren (assuming I can pry them out of my children's cameras!)  There is space for six photos on this album, 4 on the inside folds and 2 on the outside.  With five grandchildren, I may even be able to squeeze in a photo of our pets if I can get them both in the same place at the same time (not that pets are the equivalent of grandchildren; but they do make cute pictures).

     I made the little bird on the cover with the Two-Step Bird Punch, even using the wing part of the punch to make the little santa hat that makes him look like the other little birdies printed on the paper.  The papers that I placed on the inside squares of the album (and the outside, but you can't see the back of the album) are the reverse of the same paper that I used on the cover.

Album Opened

     I really do like making a cover for these little albums, more than just folding the album and using it without a separate cover.  The light cardboard with which Designer Papers come packaged are great for this purpose – just cover them with some matching or coordinating paper, and you've got a project that seems a lot more elegant than the plain album.

     If you'd like to try one of these yourself, the one-page tutorial is right here!  Lots of fun to make and even to give as gifts!

     I hope you're going to have as much fun this week as I plan to have on our little mini-vacation!  I won't be doing much crafting, but I'll make up for it when I get back!  Have a great week!

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