Another Project Life Layout Plan!

Aloha, all!

     If you've at all paid attention to the Project Life pages that I've made since Stampin' Up! first announced this program, you've probably noticed that all of the pockets that I've used so far have been either 4" x 6" or 3" x 4" pockets, either landscape or portrait orientation.  But there is another shaped pocket in the Project Life by Stampin' Up! offerings and that is 4" square!  I wasn't really sure that I'd like the square pockets because most of my photos tend to be rectangular in shape. 

     But this weekend when I was finishing up the pages from my most recent trip to Washington State, I discovered a fun use for this – to hold of photos that have been taken as a panorama!


     The three photos in the middle section were taken from the restaurant atop the Seattle Space Needle as it turned around allowing us to see all of the surrounding Seattle area.  It happened to be the lake on which our hotel was situated, and we'd tried during lunch to find it as we were going around.  Find it we did, and then we were able again to find it in the photos we took.

     It certainly is possible to do this kind of a photo split with the four 3"w  x  4" h pockets in other Project Life sheets.  But there is one fewer line breaking up the panorama, and that really makes a difference.

     Of course, there is other side of this pocket sheet that needed to be filled with memories of the events following this lunch.  But I found that I was able to edit photos to make them square just fine!


     Most of these photos are from the Chihuly Glass and Garden exhibit next door to the Seattle Space needle where we had lunch.  No matter how we took some of these photos, they could easily be trimmed into squares.  The middle pocket in the 4" square row holds a section of the brochure that we received to guide our tour through this exhibit.  Of course that professional photo was quite a bit better than any of ours, so I was glad to include it in this memory book.

     One other part of both of these pages that I'd like you to notice are the two decorative journaling cards.  Both of these are from the Stampin' Up! Everyday Adventures Project Life Card Collection.  But they didn't come in the box – they're from the Digital Version of the Card Collection.  I was so disappointed when I started getting really low on my Everyday Adventure Cards!  I even decided that I was just going to make up some of my own.  But when I opened up the My Digital Studio Program, there the digital set was waiting for me.  I had totally forgotten that I'd bought it at the same time as I bought all my other Project Life materials.  Wow, did I have a pleasant surprise.

     The best thing about making my own cards was that I could just journal away while I was still in the My Digital Studio program.  I had done some printed journaling on the hard-copy of the cards but running them through my printer just as I would any other 4" x 6" card.  But now I can see this working well with ANY sized card!  And there's so much more about the digital version – there are embellishments and files that can be cut out with an electronic cutter – I can see I'm really going to have to put my my mind to learning how to use that thing!

     So I've definitely been having fun with this way of scrapbooking.  I am almost caught up with 2014.  If I didn't have so much going on with travel and grandkids over the next few months, I'll bet I could even get some of my 2013 stuff scrapped.  Maybe by the end of this year?

     If you'd love to get into some scrapbooking, this is really the way to do it if your objective is to have memories for you and your family to share.  Oh, I love the artistic challenge of standard wonderful scrapbook pages.  But at this point, I think I'd rather have something that we can all share, and take my creative time working on cards!







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Posted on : Jul 06 2014
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Catching Up With Some Project Life Pages!

Aloha, all!

     I think I've finally posted all of the greeting cards that I've made in the past few weeks.  And now it's time to catch up with some of my Project Life projects, recording some memories of the trip that my husband I took to visit family and friends earlier last month.  Project Life makes it so easy to do the recording because all I have to do it make some 4" x 6" or 2" x 3" (well, some 4" square, which I've not yet done) photos, add some Project Life cards for journaling and decoration, and, poof!  I have a memory book page done!

     Our first stop was in Vancouver, Washington, where we visited my grandson and his mother and her fiance.  While Harry and I had lunch with the two adults the noontime after we arrived, it wasn't until the evening that we finally had a chance to catch up with our grandson.


     The restaurant where we went for dinner is Salty's Restaurant on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon – just across the Columbia from Vancouver, Washington – and it was a fantastic evening.

     We began by walking up to the door while looking at Mt. Hood out in the open for all to see in the distance.  That was certainly a treat for this traveler and I absolutely had to take a photo. The service and the menu were as fantastic as the scenery, and we'll certainly go there again.

     My favorite part of the dinner was discovering how much my grandson LOVED Fish and Chips.  And I've been told that the Fish and Chips in Oregon are among the best in the world.  He certainly seemed to enjoy it, as he did his White Cake dessert – which did not have long to live after it was placed in front of him for dessert.

     All of the Project Life materials I used for this page are from Stampin' Up!'s Happiness Is Project Life Collection.  I also added in a Crab Stamp from the By the Seashore Stamp Set.  You can see the little critter stamped on the bottom left of the top left insert on this page.  I made the insert by using one of the Happiness Is 6" x 4" cards, stamping on the crab, fussing cutting his claws and then inserting a picture from one of the restaurant's brochures so that the crab appears to be holding the picture.

     Some of my journaling for this is done by hand using Stampin' Write Markers and some I printed using my printer on a 4" x 6" photo setting.  But it was all QUICK!

     As I noted in one of my recent newsletters, I've been using the FREE online program, PicMonkey, to print my 3" x 4" photos.  If you'd like some more information about the program, just let me know and I'll help you get signed up for my newsletter and I'll get that issue off to you.  The best thing about the program – besides that it's simple to use! – is that I save lots of 4" x 6" photo paper!

     The next night we went to a musical version of Alice in Wonderland, which is the reason we traveled all the way to the U. S. Mainland.  Our grandson was in the play, of course!  I'll share the page I made of the night of the play next time!





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Posted on : Jul 03 2014
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Fun With Cards and Project Life!

Aloha, all!

     Stampin' Up! has created some really fun products to go with its Project Life program.  I've used a few of them in the Project Life pages I've shared with you over the past few weeks, and I've especially enjoyed the cards in the Project Life Everyday Adventure Card Collection. 

     But yesterday I was making some greeting cards and I wanted today's card for the Stampin' Up! Only Challenge to be bright and cheery.  The box with the Everyday Adventure Card Collection in it not only was still on my desk (surprise – I didn't put it away!), but it was still open.  I saw those Pumpkin Pie, Bermuda Bay, and Crushed Curry colors and thought they'd be perfect for a card.  Why not use them?  Where is there a rule that says they can only be used for Project Life?!  Nowhere.


     So here you have it!  There are five different patterns from the Everyday Adventure set in this card!  The coffee cup, from the Perfect Blend Stamp Set, is made up of patterns from both sides of one of the cards and matted with patterns from two other cards.  The sentiment is printed on a fourth card and I just trimmed that card to fit on the card front.  What a great way to get this kind of color on a greeting card!

     I arranged the two rectangular elements on a piece of Bermuda Bay Cardstock with a piece of Crushed Curry Chevron Ribbon tied around the sentiment layer before I added the coffee cup layer. Then I matted this all with a piece of Strawberry Slush Cardstock, before adhering it to the front of a Whisper White Cardstock base.

     To make the coffee cup, I stamped the image three times:  Once each on a piece of Whisper White Cardstock, and thenon  both sides of one patterned Project Life card. I cut the whole cup out of Whisper White Cardstock.  Then I cut the coffee sleeve from one pattern and the top and bottom of the cup from the other.  There's plenty of room for stamping this particular stamp twice on one card.

     I hope you take the time to go look at all the other projects made by the SUO Challenges Design Team using this coffee cup.  I am SO going to copy those designs before this summer is out!

     Amazingly, all of these products are currently available and will also be in the next Stampin' Up! Catalog! So available now – and not retiring.  How cool is that!  Here's the ordering information for each of them.  All you have to do is click on one of the pictures and it will take you directly to my Stampin' Up! store where you can purchase any of them!






Posted on : May 19 2014
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More Snorkeling – More Project Life!

Aloha, all!

     We had so much fun on our snorkeling cruise last month that we decided we just had to go again.  Shhhhh – don't tell my husband that I really just wanted to take more photos for more Project Life by Stampin' Up! pages!  Not really – but that's what happened!

     Here's the first page that I made following our cruise this past Thursday.  It's not so much the pictures that I'm sharing with you as it is some new little touches I put on my page. 


     I'm really taking this whole Project Life thing in small steps.  For my last pages, I started using some cards from the Stampin' Up! Everyday Adventure Card Collection.  I even used stamps from the Project Life Day to Day Stamp Set to make my date stamp.

     This time I branched out into the Everyday Adventure Project Life Accessory Pack and to another stamp set that I bought just for my Project Life projects, Around the World. Even if you're just going around your home area, there are stamps to use for memory albums!  I also used the Project Life Corner Punch to round the corners of all the pictures and cards on this page.

     Besides my photos and the Project Life cards, I also included a photo from one of the brochures put out by the snorkel cruise company.  I just grabbed a brochure as we were boarding the boat and I'm glad I did, because I found a lovely aerial shot of Kealakekua Bay, which is where we went snorkeling both times.

     Even though I said I'm not focusing on the subject matter, just the format, I have to tell you that a highlight of the trip was the spinner dolphins greeting the boat as we entered the Bay.  They were having so much fun, as were all the people on the boat!  They move so fast!  I was lucky to get the shot of one of the cuties who flipped over on her back and splashed the water with her tail.  Definitely a "Wow" moment!  As for getting a photo of them all in the air as they did some synchronized swimming – impossible for someone of my skill level.  So I resorted to taking a video.  Then, when I got home, I played it on my computer and caught a freeze frame image that I used for the large photo on the right.

     I've found that my method for laying out a page hasn't changed.  I still pick out all the photos that I want to use, crop them to 4" x 6", then print out wallet sized photos to lay out on the protector sheets to decide which are going to be which size and which orientation.  For this page, I ended up using one fewer photos than I'd planned, and that's fine.  I got the gist of the beginning of our outing into a  Project Life by Stampin' Up! page!  Now on to make some more – it's a great weekend for doing this!

     All of the Project Life by Stampin' Up! products that I'm using are available for purchase NOW!  You don't have to wait until the new 2014-15 Stampin' Up! catalog officially launches.  But once it does, there will be even more fun products to use for our pages – I can hardly wait!






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Posted on : May 18 2014
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Project Life – I Finished my Snorkel Trip Story!

Aloha, all!

     Oh, my, am I in love with the Project Life by Stampin' Up! product!  There have been so many mini-trips that my husband and I have taken in the last year, and I have scrapbooked NONE of them – because I don't have the time! 

     Well let me tell you that time is NOT an issue with Project Life.  As I may have mentioned, I've been intrigued by this idea since I started reading about it in magazines quite a while ago.  But I never gave it any serious thought because I really do try to keep my Craft Room all Stampin' Up! all the time.  I don't always succeed, but when I buy something that's not Stampin' Up!, it's always something small both in size and cost.  Project Life would have required too much of my resources both ways, so I let it be.

     Now I don't have to let it be!!!  And I just this morning completed my album pages for a snorkeling trip we took last month.



     As I'm sure you can see with these two pages, I haven't used much in the way of embellishments.  But I'm sure that embellishments are on the way. 

     The bottom page is on the back of the page that I shared with you yesterday.  Of course with this kind of album pocket page, you can see both through the front and the back of each page.  The top page is a different layout.  This is a Standard Project Life layout called, Design A. There is a similar layout where the larger (4" x 6") photos are portrait in orientation instead of landscape as this one is – it's called Design D.  I also used one of the cards that came in the new Stampin' Up! Everyday Adventure Project Life Card Collection.  The Bermuda Bay and Crushed Curry colors went beautifully with this project. There are also some embellishments in the Accessory Pack that Stampin' Up! sells – and that I have!  But I was so excited to have these pages finished that I just left them alone.  Probably not next time.

     As with my last project, I printed draft wallet sized pictures of the photos I wanted to use and laid them out on top of the pocket pages.  I wrote on each photo what size and orientation it should be when I was finished printing.  Sometimes it's going to be the case that I can print all the photos the same size and manually crop them to the shape I want.  But I wanted close ups of the photos with the fish in them, so decided printing them to size was the right way to accomplish this project.


     You can see the backs of the photos and papers that I inserted into the other size of the page at the left – that's yesterday's project.  And I think that the back of the High Tide Designer Series Paper sheet that I used yesterday is perfect for today's page – imagine that! 

     We're going to take another snorkeling tour later this week, and I'm hoping that I have some new photos to put into a page – maybe two! – following these pages in my book.  I'll definitely have them done in no time!

     Here are the products I used in today's project.  You might recognize the "April 2014" image from yesterday.  I just left the photopolymer stamps on my clear block because I thought I might use it on today's project – and I did!  Now they're back in their stamp case.  I didn't do much else in the way of taking pictures in April except for this snorkeling trip, so no need for April 2014 any more!






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Back in Control – and Project Life!

Aloha, all!

     I am finally back in control of my Craft Room and I'm finally back crafting!  OK, that didn't take long – but it certainly felt like forever!  I won't go into the gory details.  Just let it be said that, while I confidently touted myself as a non-hoarder, my pulling stuff out of boxes and off shelves in my craft room proved me to be, well, less than truthful.  I had no idea!  Have you heard the phrase, "This would go so well with…."  That is SOOOO deceptive, especially when you put that little something in a drawer or on a shelf and then hide it behind the next "This would go so well with…" object. 

     Five big black bags of trash and four boxes of stuff to be mailed to friends later I have wrenched myself out of the mountains of stuff I've been saving, "Just in case."

     This all started when I got my new Project Life by Stampin' Up! products delivered last week.  I could hardly wait to rip that box open to see what I had.  Then I went to put the fun new products away and I had no place to put them.  I knew that this was going to be something that I was going to be working with and sharing frequently from now on.  And not to have a place for all the goodies was NOT acceptable.

     But now I have a place to put them and I have made my very first Project Life by Stampin' Up! "page."


     If you're a traditional scrapbooker, you may wonder what all the fuss is about.  But I am here to tell you that this, my VERY FIRST PROJECT LIFE BY STAMPIN' UP! PAGE took me 30 minutes to make.  And I took that long because I still wasn't sure how to get my pictures to print in the 3" x 4" style of the Project Life program.  I'm still not quite there, but I will be by tomorrow.  And tomorrow I'll have a couple more pages to share from this particular trip that my husband I took to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

     The Project Life by Stampin' Up! template that I used I could only find in the Stampin' Up! store.  All of the Project Life templates have letters designating the design. So far I do not know the letter designation for this template.  But I LIKE IT!  It was perfect for this layout.  There are two 4" wide x 6" high places for photos (or whatever you wish) to be inserted at the top. There is one such place on the bottom.  Between the top two 4" x 6" places at the top there are two 4" x 3" places for inserts. There are two of the same size on the left and right of the 4" x 6" insert on the bottom. 

     You may wonder how I even got started with this layout.  Wonder no more, because this is how I did it.

     As you may imagine – and as you probably do yourself – we had far more photos than we would want to place on one page.  So I picked the photos that I liked.  Then I printed them in draft mode on plain paper as large "thumbnails."  Then I pulled out the template I thought I'd  use and laid the large thumbnails out on it.


     All but one of the photos seemed to work well with the layout.  The one in the middle at the bottom would have been a landscape 6" x 4" sized photo.  But that spot needed a photo with a portrait orientation.  So I cut the photo in half and determined that it would be a portrait 4" x 6" print.  Um, that's called, "cropping."  Basic Scrapbook stuff!!

     Once I had the layout done, I went to my computer to print out the photos.  Depending on what software you're using, this is easy or not so easy.  I'm currently using Photoshop Elements 11.  I added a "new" project the size that I wanted my photos and then dragged my photos onto the "new" shape and resized until I got everthikng where I wanted it.

      Then I needed to fill in the "extra" spaces.  As I'd decided to use the High Tide Designer Series Paper Set for all my pages from this event, I picked a design that went well with all the photos I was using.  I cut the High Tide paper pattern into 3" x 4" pieces, and punched the corners with the new Project Life Corner Punch.  I then stamped some dates and images from two new Project Life Stamp Sets – Point and Click and Day to Day.  I also used the Geometrical Stamp Set for the "I Love You" stamp onto the High Tide paper.  As I still had not figured out how to get my pictures to be 3" x 4", I placed some of the High Tide Designer Series Paper behind those photos. They wil also be behind the photos from the next pages – the photos my husband took of tropical fish in the water!

     The final touch for this, my first Project Life page, was the journaling.  I was going to hand-write my thoughts from the day.  But then I thought, "why not just print it on cardsock?"  And so I did.  I have a fairly new HP printer, and it does beautifully with colored cardstock!  Calypso Coral was my choice, and I just printed away and finished the page!

     What a fun project this was!  The only thing that took a long time was getting my craft room table up and running so I could do the project!  I'll have more done by tomorrow and will share them with you.  I'm so excited to have gotten this far!

     Here are the products I used today.  The Project Life producs are new AND available!  So exicted as I've been reading about Project Life for several years and didn't get into it because it wasn't Stampin' Up!  Now it is and I'm into in BIG TIME!







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