A Musical Note

Aloha, all!

     Tomomorrow I'm leaving my beautiful Island of Hawaii to visit equally rural Northern Minnesota for a visit with family and friends. Usually this summer trip is the only time we see many of our friends each year. But this year we saw many of them at a wedding in April in Virginia. So we've really been getting around this year!

     But there are still a few friends we'll miss, so a note to them will be in order. And i have a perfect stamp to use to decorate a card for a note!

     The stamp is a one-stamp 'set' called Sheet Music. It's a large background stamp and could fill an entire card front. I chose just to use part of it, though I stamped the whole image. I'll use the other part of it for another card. While I certainly could have used any color I wanted, I chose a black-and-white theme because I was participating in a swap that required a black-and-white theme. I think this works well!

     I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the Basic Black Shimmer Ribbon when I bought it – I'm a sucker for Ribbon, so I had to have it! – but it works beautifully for a card like this!

     The sentiment is from an older – but still current – set called Flourishing Phrases. Perfect for this, don't you think?!

     This whole blog post has been an experiment for me, so it's a bit shorter than usual. The experiment is that I wrote this whole post using my Mini iPad. I usually try to write posts in advance of a long trip so I can continue to share with you what I've been doing. This time I wanted to try sharing some of my vacation exploits with you as well as a card or two or three. Darned if it's not working beautifully! 

     Thanks for reading this far! I'll have some airport time tomorrow, but I'm not sure if it will be enough for a post. I'll have to see how things go, but I'll be sure to stay in touch!


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Posted on : Jul 14 2017
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Love My New Stuff from Stampin’ Up!

Aloha, all!

     I have been SOOO busy this week, and not in my wonderful Craft Room. I volunteer for a local arts organization and it was the time of the year to be auditing our year-end financials. Guess who gets to do the auditing? Stopping to play with my new Stampin' Up! "stuff" was not an option. Not only that, my box of goodies had arrived late Monday afternoon, and I didn't get to open it until Friday morning! I may have to rethink this auditing stuff next year. Actually, we made a few procedural changes, so I don't think next year will be nearly the chore as it was this year.

     But about that box of new Stampin' Up! products –

     This was a BIG box! And what you're looking at here is just the tip of the iceberg that pretty much stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't believe I ordered that much stuff!!! Well, actually, I could believe it because I wanted each and every item in that box. But at the moment I was faced with the daunting task of inventorying it and putting it away. And, yes, as of now, it is all put away. Some things have been pulled back out, and I've made a card with two of the products you can see here, along with some new Designer Series Paper, which is lying comfortabled on the bottom of this box, out of the fray.

     Tomorrow I'll share my very first project made from my new goodies. I hope to be able to get to all my new stamp sets and ribbons and other stuff before the month is out.

     So stop back on Sunday morning to see what I made first!


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Posted on : Jun 09 2017
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Introduction to New Stampin’ Up! Products – Part 3: A New 3D Dynamic Impressions Folder!

Aloha, all!

     For my Stampin' Up! Only Challenge project yesterday, I chose a new Stamp Set, Designer Series Paper set, and fun ribbon for a "Thinking of You" greeting card. Do you know what would have made that an even better card? The newest 3D Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder – Layered Leaves! The reason that I didn't have that is because I just ordered it last Thursday when the new Stampin' Up! Catalog went live! I was able to order the other products BEFORE the Catalog went live (we demonstrators do get some privileges!). But I could not order the embossing folder.

     Here is a video that Stampin' Up! has published as we start the new catalog year, and I'm sure you're going to see just why I can hardly wait to get my hands on this! The video also has some great tips for using the 3D Embossing Folders, too! As of the newest catalog, there are now 5 of these folders in the Stampin' Up! collection.

     I am going to be SOOOO confused trying to figure out which of my new Stampin' Up! toys I'm going to use first when my box arrives! I can see that things are going to be even a bit crazier than usualy around my Craft Room for the next few weeks!


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Posted on : Jun 07 2017
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Introduction to New Stampin’ Up! Products – Part 2: The Love Today Planner Kit!

Aloha, all!

     I just love it when Stampin' Up! comes out with a product that's entirely new to them. In the newest catalog, Stampin' Up! is offering a Planner Kit!. I have so been wanting a kit, but I've held myself to keeping a notebook on the table between my computer desk and my crafting work table. Now that I've been doing this for almost 2 years, I think it's safe to say that my keeping up with my life via a planner is going to continue to be a part of my daily life. Yes, I keep a calendar on my iPhone and iPad (iCloud?). But all those notes that I take throughout the day go onto the notebook page.

     I do have to confess that I've occasionally bought sticker sets and little decorative sticky note pads from my local crafting store. But I've never gone all out and bought a complete system. I think this summer will be the time. I was totally convinced when I watched this video from Stampin' Up!


     As I belong to several groups that mark their "year" beginning with September each year, I'm going to be starting my Love Today Planner Kit this coming September. I'll be sure to show you what I've got going once I get started. Meanwhile, for many of you, right now might be the best time to start your new planner! If so, just go to my personal Stampin' Up! Online Store to order it for yourself – or a friend! The product number is 144257.


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Posted on : Jun 04 2017
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Introduction to New Stampin’ Up! Products – Part 1: The Coffee Cafe Bundle!

Aloha, all!

     While I wait for my new Stampin' Up! products to arrive on my doorstep (well, my lanai here in Hawaii) I thought I'd share some of Stampin' Up!'s introductory videos of some of my favorite new products.

     One of the first products on my list of "must haves" is the new Coffee Cafe Bundle, as well as the paper that goes with it. I just love coffee, and a lot of my friends and relatives do, too. In fact, when we travel to visit family and friends on the U. S. mainland, we always travel with several bags of Kona Coffee to give as housewarming gifts. It's the best!

     Here's the video, and the best way to go to order these products is to check out my very own Stampin' Up! Online Store, search for the Coffee Cafe Bundle number (145331). You save 10% on the price of both the Coffee Cafe Stamp Set and the Coffee Cups Framelits Set when you buy the bundle. The item number for the Coffee Break Designer Series Paper set is 144155.


     This will surely be one of the first sets I show off when my box of new goodies arrives!


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Posted on : Jun 02 2017
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The New Stampin’ Up! Catalog is Here!

Aloha, all!

     As this blog post is being published, I am in the full swing of placing my first full order from the newest Stampin' Up! Catalog – the 2017-2018 Stampin' Up! Annual Catalog. I've been waiting for this day since I first saw the catalog online a month and a half ago. It was bad enough when we demonstrators got to see it a month before it went live. But with the new schedule, we're being teased evern earlier!

     Now you, too, can see the catalog today by clicking here. And, while I'm sure you've seen many samples of products that we were allowed to pre-order before today, I thought I'd take the time today to show you a project that I CASEd from the new catalog. Check out page 146 to see the original.

     For my version of this project, I used both sides of two of the sheets of paper in the Delightful Daisy Designer Series Paper set. The White and Navy Blue Daisy pattern is on one side of a sheet and the Old Olive leaf print is on the other. The Floral Print is on the other side of the Calypso Coral graphic design. The ribbon is the Daffodil Delight 1/4" Double Stitched Ribbon. There are two other colors of this ribbon, and I've ordered them both. Actually I've ordered a BUNCH of ribbon, though not all that is new in the catalog. Suffice it to say that I have enough to keep me for a while.

     The "Thank You" sentiment is from the Daisy Delight Stamp Set, which also includes the line of daisies that I stamped along the bottom of the Calypso Coral paper strip. The actual stamp has 3 little daisies, but they do stamp nicely in a row.

     Oh, and about this card – I've already sent it out to a dear friend who had us over for dinner at her gorgeous ocean front home just a couple of weeks ago. She's always so appreciative of cards that I make, and I love making them for her!

     Even though I'm ordering from the new catalog on the first day I can, I still won't get my order until late next week – maybe at last as early the following week. Do you know how many Stampin' Up! Demonstrators and Customers are at their computers or tablets at this very moment placing a first-day order??? Absolutely a lot. I guess if I wanted to pay a bit extra for special handling, I could. But I think I want to use that money to buy new products! I do have a class scheduled this month, but it's not until the 19th. So there's no reason to speed things up because of that. Or maybe there is. Hmmmm.

     As I write this, I don't have access to the online pictures or links related to products I'm featuring in this project. But I'll get on here and update this post later today. If you're interested in anything in the new catalog, you can just go directly to my Stampin' Up! Online store!

     Meanwhile, you might want to know the one thing that I'm ordering from this catalog that I could not possibly do without. It's the Climbing Orchid Bundle. Oh, I can hardly wait to color up some of those orchids to mimic those real orchids we have growing in our garden! I'll be posting one of those as soon as I get everything put away next week! And that bundle will be featured in my class later this month, too.


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Posted on : Jun 01 2017
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Just Waiting….

….Sigh. No more retiring products! But the Stampin' Up! Catalog is not yet live.


The. Worst. Time. Of. The. Stampin. Up. Year!


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Posted on : May 31 2017
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The Stampin’ Up! Retiring List is Getting Serious!

Aloha, all!

     If you've been keeping up with what's available on the retiring product list (there's a link at the top of the column on the right), you may have noticed that Stamp Sets are starting to appear on the list or products no longer available! There are likely going to be more and more on that list as the week goes on – until Wednesday night, when everything will go dark for a bit!

     You see, Stampin' Up! makes their own stamp sets. And, at a certain point in the catalog life, they stop making them. Yes, there may be some in stock at that point. But, once they stop making those stamp sets, they're not going to be made again!

     So – a word to the wise shopping: If there's a stamp set you're really interested in, you might consider ordering it NOW! Like today!!! I'm not sure we're going to get an update to the retiring list until Tuesday when the regular work week starts again. So, even if it looks like it's there today, who knows what's going to happen come Tuesday.

     If you really want a stamp set, either order on my Stampin' Up! store or just send me an e-mail to let me know what I can order for you!

     Time's a wasting!


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Posted on : May 28 2017
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It’s a Busy Time in the Stampin’ Up! Year!

Aloha, all!

     If you're wondering where I've been, I've been in my Craft Room getting ready for the new Stampin' Up! Catalog – which is just a week away from being published! Yay!!!

     So two things have been going on, with many steps involved in each:

  • First, I have been clearing retiring Stampin' Up! products out of my shelves, drawers, closets and other places where I store my supplies. Here's evidence of one part of that process:

     This is all that's left of my stash of 12" x 12" Designer Series Papers from the Stampin' Up! 2017 Occasions Catalog. Yes, they're all cut up into pieces that will fit on the front of an A2 sized greeting card. Those cards are 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" when folded, and these pieces of paper are 5-1/4" x 4", which leaves a nice margin of the card base around the paper. That size is also fairly easy to cut and I end up getting 6 card front pieces from each full sheet. Of course, much of what I had left weren't whole sheets of paper, but they were still easy to cut.

     Today I finished cutting all the left over papers from the Stampin' Up! 2016-2017 Annual Catalog, and organizing all my 6" square "stack" papers into piles. I have a total of 4-1/2 pounds of paper cut up and bagged for my sale of retiring products (which will be in late summer/early fall).

     Everything else, including my retiring stamp sets (I'm keeping three, two of which I'll be using in a scrapbooking project next month), ribbons and other embellishments, are already packed away in boxes to be stored until I get them ready to be sold.

  • The other part of this project is studying the NEW Stampin' Up! catalog to determine what I should be buying to demonstrate here and in person over the next year. I think my list is pretty well complete.

     These two projects go hand in hand, of course. My Craft Room is cleaned up and ready for the new product shipment! It may not look like this by Wednesday as I do plan to do a bit of crafting with products I've been able to pre-order as Stampin' Up! demonstrators can do. I'm really itching to get those other new products, though!

     In case you're wondering about all those punches in the storage units – those are products that I hardly ever get rid of. I've had to really retire some as I've run out of room. But these babies are really hard to find and, even if I only need one once or twice a year, it's worth it for me to keep them, and they don't take up much space. And, yes, I'm rationalizing!


Posted on : May 27 2017
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Retiring Products Have Just 2-1/2 More Weeks!

Aloha, all!

     Well, it's actually less than 3 weeks before everything that's on the Stampin' Up! List of Retiring Products will really be retired. Now I know that some things don't actually sell out and end up on the Clearance Rack a couple of months down the road. But when it comes to things that I want, the products really do run out before the retiring date gets here. Just a thought….

     Anyway, here's another recent project that I made to show off several retiring products.

     Unfortunately, I had to make a sympathy card to send to a friend whose husband just passed away after a long illness. I was quite thankful that I still had some large pieces of the retiring Blooms and Bliss Designer Series Paper to use for this card. The pinks and purples go together so well to make a soothing card. I used one sheet that's primarily Blushing Bride in color and another – the mats behind the sentiment and the main card layer – that's primarily Rich Razzleberry. Since I was on a mission to use up some retiring products, I used the lace stamp from the Grateful Bunch Stamp Set, and stamped it twice along the right side of the card front.

     To give the card front some texture beyond the faux texture provided by the lace stamp, I added a layer of Very Vanilla Cardstock that I embossed using the retiring Elegant Dots Textured Impressions Embossing Folder. Then for the final touch before adding the Sentiment Layer, I tied a piece of the retiring Blushing Bride 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon.

     For the sentiment, I chose one from the NOT retiring Flourishing Phrases Stamp Set (so glad this isn't retiring!), which I stamped using Rich Razzleberry Ink onto Very Vanilla Cardstock before die-cutting it and the Designer Series Paper layer using the also NOT retiring Lots of Labels Framelits. For just a tad more texture and interest, I included some Rich Razzleberry Enamel Dots just below the sentiment.  I adhered this layer to the card front using Stampin' Dimensionals.

     Now off to make some more cards using some of my favorite retiring products. Believe it or not, I've already packed most of them away in boxes that will be stored until the Fall, which is when I usually put all my retiring products up for sale on eBay. But there are a few still hanging around, and you'll see some of them as long as they're still available. This is the time in retirement season when stamp sets start getting sold out, so keep thinking about stamp sets you'd like to buy – better sooner than later! Rarely do rubber stamp sets end up on the Clearance Rack. Just sayin'

     Here are the products in this project that will be retiring come May 31st:

And here are the products I used that are NOT retiring


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Posted on : May 15 2017
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