Introduction to New Stampin’ Up! Products – Part 2: The Love Today Planner Kit!


Aloha, all!

     I just love it when Stampin' Up! comes out with a product that's entirely new to them. In the newest catalog, Stampin' Up! is offering a Planner Kit!. I have so been wanting a kit, but I've held myself to keeping a notebook on the table between my computer desk and my crafting work table. Now that I've been doing this for almost 2 years, I think it's safe to say that my keeping up with my life via a planner is going to continue to be a part of my daily life. Yes, I keep a calendar on my iPhone and iPad (iCloud?). But all those notes that I take throughout the day go onto the notebook page.

     I do have to confess that I've occasionally bought sticker sets and little decorative sticky note pads from my local crafting store. But I've never gone all out and bought a complete system. I think this summer will be the time. I was totally convinced when I watched this video from Stampin' Up!


     As I belong to several groups that mark their "year" beginning with September each year, I'm going to be starting my Love Today Planner Kit this coming September. I'll be sure to show you what I've got going once I get started. Meanwhile, for many of you, right now might be the best time to start your new planner! If so, just go to my personal Stampin' Up! Online Store to order it for yourself – or a friend! The product number is 144257.


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Posted on : Jun 04 2017
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