Taking a Break to Welcome Fall!

Aloha, all!

     Long before we realized that we might be affected by the lava from Kilauea Volcano, we had planned a trip to the U. S. Mainland.  We were going to be visiting lots of family and friends in several different locations around the country.  I'd decided that a nice hostess gift for those we visited would be a set of Fall Greeting Cards. 

     Even at that time, though, I was in a bit of a slump as we'd just gone through a hurricane that was quite an ordeal.  My creativity was nowhere to be found!  I searched my brain for ideas and – nothing!  So then I decided to search the internet (as good as a brain these days?).  What I found was a series of sketches on the Create With Connie and Mary blog that fit what I was going to try to do perfectly!  And then along came today's SUO Challenge to make a project with Fall colors.  Wow – things did come together nicely for this blog post!

Robins Craft Room Fall Card Number 4

     For the strips of paper across the bottom of the card, I used four different designs from the Color Me Autumn Designer Series Paper set from Stampin' Up!'s 2014 Holiday Catalog.  The "hello Fall" stamp is from the For All Things Stamp Set from the same catalog – even on the same page!

     All four of the leaves in the "bouquet" over on the right were made using both the Fall Fest Photopolymer Stamp Set and the Fun Fall Framelits Dies, which I purchased as a Bundle – and saved 15%!!!  I stamped the leaves using Cajun Craze, Crushed Curry and Old Olive Stampin' Up! Ink. I adhered them to the card front with Mini Glue Dots, then used the glue dots to affix a small bow made of Old Olive 1/8" Taffeta Ribbon.

     I matted the Very Vanilla Cardstock layer with a layer of Crushed Curry Cardstock and then adhered the whole thing to a Very Vanilla Card Base.  With all the work I'd planned to make seven sets of four different cards, I was quite happy to have the Very Vanilla Cut and Ready Card Bases to use so I didn't have to cut and score all those card bases!

    If you'd like to see all four of the cards that I made, including detailed cutting instructions, I'll be sharing all of that in my next newsletter.  I'm hoping that the lava flow will stay as slow as it has been for the past few days so I can take a break from packing and storing important papers and memorabilia and publish my newsletter in the next day or so.  To sign up for my newsletter – which is FREE, of course! – just complete the form in the upper left corner of this blog.

     Again, a big thanks to Connie Babbert and Mary Brown of the Create With Connie and Mary blog for the inspiration I needed to get some crafting done!


     Here are some products I used in making this card:



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September 17th Update – Hawaii’s Lava Flow!

Aloha, all!

     As I wrote last week, I'm pretty much out of commission regarding any paper crafting for a while. It looks as if it is fairly certain that the road between where we live and the rest of the Big Island of Hawaii will be cut off by lava within the next few weeks.  At this moment the lava is traveling relatively quickly.  On another day it may be moving slowly.  But moving it is.  We are planning as if it is certain that the lava will cross the road.  We are planning for the worst, but hoping for the best.  My husband said that, after this move to another house on the other side of the lava, he's going to look very smart or very stupid for having moved so quickly..  He's hoping that he ends up looking stupid and we get to move back to our home and lovely garden.


     Today is furniture moving day.  We are leaving enough in our home to continue to live here until the very last minute.  We love it here.

     It's also a continuation of my efforts to pack my craft room.  All my 8-1/2" x 11" card stock and all of my stamps are already at our new home, along with lots of accessories, packed into boxes awaiting a move of my work tables next week.  Today is ribbons/ink/Sizzix/punches packing day.  Tomorrow we will move those to the new house.  All of my 12" x 12" paper is already stored in plastic boxes, so no more packing needed for that.  Other items are in hanging baskets and those baskets surely do look like packing boxes to me!

     I'll keep in touch – and I even have a card to post next week for the SUO Challenges biweekly blog.  But I doubt I'll be back in my craft room full time until mid-October.  After that, watch out world!  I'll have lots of pent up crafting energy!

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September 10th – A Quick Update!

Aloha, all!

     Have you wondered where I've been?  Well, I've been very near my craft room, but not in it much. Perhaps you've heard of the lava flow that's threatening communities on Hawaii's Big Island?  I live in one of those communities. 

     The biggest threat for us is that the lava may cross the one road that connects our communities (many of them) with the rest of the island.  The "rest of the island" is where we go for all normal everyday supplies and services, from groceries to medical care.  As you can imagine, that creates some stress.  The good news for us is that we have the opportunity to rent another home away from the lava threat.  While we don't want to leave our home and garden, we are actively preparing to do so.  When the government says we have to evacuate, we'll have to move. 

     That said, our new, hopefully temporary, home will have enough space for me to have a craft room.  Meanwhile, I'm putting everything into boxes.  And everything will stay in boxes until we know what the situation is going to be. 

     I really miss all my crafting and blogging and staying in touch on the computer with all my online friends, including you.  The good news is that this is a business that allows me the flexibility to just stop for awhile, and then pick everything up when life is more stable.

     Meanwhile, I'll be staying in touch with the Stampin' Up! website and blogs and will be sharing many of the Stampin' Up! blog posts on my facebook page, Robin's Craft Room.  I'll also provide updates on the lava flow and where we are in our new adventure.   I'd love for you to "Like" my page so we can keep in touch!

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Happy Birthday, Quin!

Aloha, all!

     I cannot believe it's been almost a week since I've posted.  And so much has happened in Stampin' Up! land since then – most important of all the release of the 2014 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog!   You can be sure I'm working on some projects from that catalog right now.  But for today, I'm sharing a card I made for my 14-year old grandson, Quin.


     Quin was just here to visit us this month, and spent 12 days enjoying being with his grandparents – his first trip across the ocean all by himself.  Seven of those 12 days were spent in a home with no electricity, running water or phone service, all courtesy of Hurricane Iselle who left our section of Hawaii's Big Island in a shambles.  But we found lots to do and Quin even helped with some of the garden clean up work.  Then he got to go home just in time to celebrate his birthday with the rest of the family.

     For a 14-year old High School Freshman, I decided that there were to be no flowers or ribbons or cutesy thing on his card.  So I went looking around for some papers that would give me some design inspiration, and I found this sheet from the Back to Black Designer Series Paper. What initially looked like large polka dots to me turn out to be small hexagons.  Hexagons!  There was my inspiration.  First I picked up the stamp set, Six-Sided Sampler and then turned to the Geometrical stamp set.  If "geometry" doesn't say, "high school," then I can't image what would!

     I stamped half a dozen hexagons, 2 each of 3 of the designs in the Six-Sided Sampler set. and punched them with the Hexagon Punch.  Then I discovered that my great idea for the card was not going to work on a A2 card. I fussed around with a layout for a while and finally decided on a 5-1/2" x 8" card.  I still had to cut off the outside of two of the hexagons, but I like having a design go "off the edge" in an artistic way (oooh, I'm an artist!). 

     The arrows from the Geometrical Stamp set were a last minute addition after I'd stamped Happy Birthday from the Sassy Salutations stamp set. I had intended to use some of the other designs from the Geometrical set, but decided not to as the design was going to get awfully cluttered.  As it is, I think it's got just enough for a fun card front!

     I layered all that black and white paper up with some Real Red Cardstock and mounted it all onto a Whisper White Card Base.  With all those layers, I definitely weighed this card before I sent it out – yup!  Almost 2 ounces!  Yikes!  That's why I make most of my cards smaller.  But Quin's special, so off went this special card in the mail with the proper postage!

Here are the products that I used in this card!



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Hello Fall!

Aloha, all!

     Today I almost feel as if I'm back in control of my household and my craft room!  There's just two loads of laundry left over from all that time we didn't have electricity, and just half a load of plates and utensils we used during the storm that we weren't able to wash because of no fresh hot water, let alone a dishwasher to do them in.

     I'm also a little bit back into working in my craft room, though still not spending as much time as I like and usually do.  But today's the day for the biweekly SUO Challenge, and I'm committeed to making a card for that.  So off I went to see what was quickly available to use!  It helped that the challenge this time is to make a Clean and Simple (CAS) Card.


     Granted that I wasn't really creative with my layout (you saw that in a project a week or so ago), but I am featuring some brand new products from the 2014 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog – available for you to purchase products from on THURSDAY!  Yes, this year the Holiday Catalog will go live a few days before the Labor Day weekend so we all will have lots of fun stuff with which to play after that holiday.

     I certainly had some time to play with some of my new Holiday Catalog "stuff" before the hurricane hit and my grandson came to visit. And for today, I'm sharing two new products, both of which can be found on the same page (check out page 41 if you already have the catalog).

     The first new product is a sheet of the Color Me Autumn Designer Series Paper.  Yes, just one sheet – the strip at the top is the back of the paper with the brush stroke designs.  I just folded it over and adhered it to keep it folded down.  This paper set has some of my favorite fall colors in it, including Cajun Craze, Crushed Curry, Mossy Meadow, and Old Olive.  It's going to be lots of fun making cards and gifts with this paper because there are so many gorgeous fall colors with which to accent it!

     I stamped each of the three leaves from the leaf stamp in the For All Things Stamp Set.  This stamp – as well as the others in this set – have a watercolor-ish feel to them when they're stamped. Especially with fall leaves, it's great not to have to work too much to get the sense of some dry and some moist areas on the leaves that you get with an actual leave picked up from the ground.  (Oooh, and my husband would say these leaves are a whole lot better than onces he used to have to rake every year for what seemed like forever!).  I hand cut each of these leaves that I'd stamped with Crushed Curry, Cajun Craze and Mossy Meadow, and then I distressed the edges a bit so they'd look like curled-up fall leaves look – at least as I recollect them; we don't have much in the way of deciduous trees where I live in Hawaii.

     The sentiment stamp is also from the For All Things Stamp set, and it seemed to go perfectly with the three leaves that I'd chosen to line up the left side of the card.

     To complete the card, I tied a knot in a piece of Mossy Meadow 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon and adhered it to the bottom of the matching leaf – such a nice accent!

     I hope you all have your Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog already – I know I had mine sent out to all my customers as soon as I could.  The good news is that many of them are in states that will really enjoy the fall colors and designs as they all say, "Hello, Fall"!  If you'd like to become one of my customers, just send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to send you a catalog!

     Have fun with all the new stuff coming your way in just two more days!

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Finally Back to my Crafting!

Aloha, all!

     You may not have been aware that I have not been able to do any of my favorite crafting with Stampin' Up! products for two whole weeks!  Yikes – two weeks with no paper crafting is a LONG time (as least it seems so from my perspective).  And here's the story:

     I had planned to have my teenage grandson here visiting our home in Hawaii beginning two weeks ago today.  Oh, that happened.  But the day BEFORE he was to arrive, our part of Hawaii was hit, and hit badly, with some hurricane force winds.  Trees were (and are still in some places) down across roads and driveways, many of them taking power and other utility lines with them.  So my grandson arrived to visit a home and its surrounding neighborhoods with no electricity and no water.  I'm not going to go into the gory details, but we did make it through a week in that state, learning lots of new ways to spend our time.  And, while I had planned to do some crafting with him while he was here, we never did get into my craft room.  The good news for my blog followers was that I did create some projects and blog posts to keep me at least virtually online while my grandson was here.  I definitely did not intend them to be the ONLY blog posts that appeared!


     I'm still pretty exhausted from catching up on everything and would really prefer not to be crafting until the house and garden are all back in order.  BUT – there's a blog hop to which I committed this weekend, so off I went today digging through all my new stuff (yes, FedEx did deliver my Stampin' Up! products during the power outages!) to figure out a project.  The theme for this blog hop, sponsored by the VC Rocks online commuity is "Rock Your Creativity with Stampin' Up! Colors." 

     Of course the first thing I did was refer to Stampin' Up!'s Color Coach.  But even looking at all those wonderful color combinations, I wasn't inspired enough to come up with something fun and unique.  Then I spotted – on some of the Color Coach cards – a circle with two colors in it.  It turns out that Stampin' Up! has published some "Dynamic Duos" as part of the Color Coach.  There isn't a duo for every color, so I focused on those colors that did have one.  And I created three cards with identical images, but different color duos and different sentiments.

     The main set of images for all three cards is the new stamp set, Kinda Eclectic.  In my first card, above, I used every stamp from this stamp set.  My cardstock is Pear Pizzazz and I stamped all the images using Old Olive Classic Ink, and added some Old Olive Candy Dots in the lower right corner.


     As I was studying the green card, it occurred to me that some kind of a purple combination might make a very nice sympathy card.  So I made a card using Wisteria Wonder cardstock and stamped the images using Elegant Eggplant.  The sentiment is from the Love and Sympathy Stamp Set, and the Candy Dots are Elegant Eggplant.


     Finally I decided that I wanted a color combo that was bright and cheerful – enough with the muted colors!  This card is made with Crisp Cantaloupe Cardstock and Calypso Coral Classic Ink and Candy Dots.  Definitely a nice color for the Birthday sentiment from the Sassy Salutations Stamp Set!

     So that's my entry in the being Creative with Color blog hop!  I hope you'll check out the rest of the entries from other members of the VC Rocks team.  It's a small hop for the end of the summer, but I know you're going to like it all.  Just click here to see them all!







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It’s Fun Copying the Stampin’ Up! Artists!

Aloha, all!

     Sometimes when I'm looking for inspiration I go through my magazines.  But often I also flip through the Stampin' Up! Catalog to see what the Stampin' Up! Artists have come up with.  This time my eyes landed on a project that included a technique I'd never tried before!


     The original of this card is on page 141 of the 201-2015 Stampin' Up! Catalog.  It wasn't exactly the kind of project I was looking for, but it stopped me in my tracks as I asked myself, "How did they do that?"  While I can find out what products Stampin' Up!'s artists used for their project, I have to figure out HOW they did it on my own.

     The first thing that I found out is that the original was made as a note-card sized project.  I wanted my project to be a standard sized 5-1/2" h  x  4-1/4" w card.  It turns out that the Hexagon Hive Thinlit that I'd be using to make my card front would layer up nicely on a standard card.

     The technique that was new to me was using a Stampin' Spritzer to spray color through a stencil, in this case the stencil being the Hexagon Hive Thinlit.  So off I went to add some Lost Lagoon Reinker to some alcohol in one of my Spritzers.  I ended up making mine a bit darker than the original, but I liked it anyway.  I used 10 drops of reinker, and I would imagine that the original artist used maybe 5 drops.

     To get the ink onto the Whisper White Cardstock that I was using, I laid the Thinlit face down (that is, with the cutting edges facing up) on the cardstock.  Then I spritzed until all the little hexagon areas were filled with the ink.  On my first try, I left the Thinlit on the paper for a short while thinking that I might get a better image if I let it dry a bit.  That did not happen.  In fact what happened was that the extra time gave the ink time to spread out a bit, and that definitely was not the look I wanted.  On my second try, I picked up the Thinlit as soon as I was finished and I think it looks fine.

     For the outlines on the lower right hexagons, the original had the hexagon from the Geometrical Stamp Set stamped in Basic Gray Classic Ink.  I decided I wanted to use Lost Lagoon Classic Ink.  Perhaps if I'd stamped the image off one time before I stamped on the card it might not have been as dark.  But, again, I liked the look with the darker/thicker outline. I used a scrap of Lost Lagoon Cardstock to die cut just a few of the little hexagons using the Hexagon Thinlit, and applied them to the bottom right hexagons.

     To finish this layer, I stamped the sentiment, also from the Geometrical Stamp Set, using VersaMark clear ink and Gold Stampin' Emboss Powder.  Then I trimmed the colored layer to 5" h  x 3-3/4" w. 

     For the decoration on the top, I used one of the gold stars from the Basic Hodgepodge Clip set to clip a 4" piece of Whisper White 1/4" Cotton Ribbon to the colored layer.

     Finally, I matted the colored layer to a 5-1/4" x 4" piece of Lost Lagoon Cardstock, then adhered all of that to a Whisper White card base.  I was pleased with the way this turned out, and even more pleased that I learned a new technique!  As my sister-in-law and downline, Deb, would quickly tell you, I'm not much of a technique person.  But I'll be visiting her next month, and I'll bet I'll learn some more new stuff then!

     Meanwhile, if there are any other projects in the Stampin' Up! catalog that you'd like me to try to copy and give you some instructions, just send me an e-mail, and I'll get right on it!







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The Last of the Leftovers!

Aloha, all!

     This is a quick follow up to my last two blog posts and covers the last project I made with leftovers from my SUO Challenges card earlier this week.


     This card is a bit different from the other two that I made using the leftover Hexagon Hive Thinlit die cut pieces from the challenge card.  As the die cut for this card was plain cardstock, and wanted to have some Designer Series Paper behind it.  If you can imagine, I was a bit weary of the Flowerpot Designer Series Paper (that won't last long), so I went looking for other papers that included some Tangerine Tango (or Tangelo Twist?) color in it.  I finally settled on the dotted design in the Confetti Celebration Designer Series Paper set.  Yes, there are those teeny little dots of Tangelo Twist that were going to provide a very nice accent for that Tangerine Tango Cardstock.  Who can tell the difference with that kind of a print?!

     From there, I focused on a different color to form a base for and accent the rest of the card – Bermuda Bay – Cardstock and 1/8" Taffeta Ribbon.  The card base is a standard sized 4-1/4" h  x  5-1/2" w card, folded at the top.  I also used the Bermuda Bay Cardstock to punch the fun little flowers using the Boho Blossoms Punch.  I adhered the little flowers to the cardstock hexagons using Glue Dots, and then added Tangerine Tango Candy Dots to the center of 5 of the little flowers.  I didn't want to waste any of those glue dots by placing them on flowers that were going to get covered up by the sentiment element!

     The Birthday Wishes stamp is from the Four You Stamp Set.  Remember that I had all this leftover stuff from the original project out on my table, so I didn't go looking for any other stamp sets to clutter my work table up any more than it already was!  And now I'm finished with all those leftovers and my work table is all cleared off! 

     But this is not quite the last you'll see of the Hexagon Hive Thinlit!  Just before I started on my SUO Challenge project, I had that thinlit out to CASE a project from the current Stampin' Up! Catalog.  What fun that was! Check back on Tuesday for that project!





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Now About Those Leftovers!

Aloha, all!

     This past Tuesday I discussed the card I made for the SUO Challenge theme, "Make It Geometrical."  One of the things that I noted was that I wanted to make sure to use the leftovers from making that project.  I'd ended up with two Hexagon Hive Thinlit Die Cut using the Flowerpot Designer Series Paper and one of the same die cut using Tangerine Tango Cardstock. For the two pieces using the Designer Series Paper, I made the same design.



     For both, I cut a piece of cardstock 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" and folded both to make a 5-1/2" x 4-1/2" card.  I decorated the top card landscape orientation and the bottom portrait orientation.  In both, I used a piece of the new 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon, tied it around the card, and then placed the Hexagon Hive die cut over the ribbon, pulling the knot through one of the hexagons. To adhere the hexagons, I used Multipurpose Glue because I could easily draw a thin bead along those very thin pieces between the hexagons.

    The top card base is Night of Navy Cardstock.  Night of Navy is one of the colors in the Flower Pot Designer Series Paper, and I thought that would be the best accent for the lighter colored Designer Series Paper.  The ribbon, though, is the Tangelo Twist 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon, even though the orange color in the paper is Tangerine Tango.  If you've read some of my more recent blog posts, you know I've had a discussion about combining the two colors in one project as long as they're not right up next to one another.  The accents work beautifully! 

     When I first laid the die cut piece onto the Night of Navy card base (to make sure I liked the look), I thought the navy seemed to wash things out a bit.  So to give it a bit of extra pizzazz, I ran the card front through the Sizzix Big Shot with the Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder.  That was just the accent that I wanted!

     The sentiment in this card is from the Four You Stamp Set, stamped with Night of Navy Classic Ink on Whisper White Cardstock.  I trimmed the cardstock and notched both ends before adhering it to a piece of Tangelo Twist Cardstock (just to accent that ribbon properly!).

     For the bottom card, I made a card base of Tangerine Tango Cardstock.  It didn't seem to need anything extra, so I didn't texturize it.  Looking at it now, perhaps it would have been a nice touch.  But I am NOT taking that card apart!  The ribbon on this card is Hello Honey 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon.  Again there's a bit of a color disparity, but both the Crushed Curry color in the print and the Hello Honey color in the ribbon and in the mat for the sentiment don't really clash where there are just small spots of one of the colors.

     The sentiment for this card is from the A Dozen Thoughts Stamp Set, stamped with Tangerine Tango Classic Ink.

     The best thing about both of these cards is that the hardest part of the card construction – cutting those Hexagon Hive Die Cuts – was already done as part of another project!  So I very efficientlyI used  both the positive and negative parts of these die cuts.  Love it!




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A Bit of Geometry (or is that Geometrical?)!

Aloha, all!

     It's time once again for the biweekly Stampin' Up! Only Blog Challenge.  The challenge this time is Geometrical Shapes.  We are to abandon thoughts of rectangles/squares and circles/ovals and focus instead on other geometrical shapes.  Stampin' Up! certainly does have a few in its collection, and I picked the Hexagon!


     I haven't used much of my hexagon products from Stampin' Up! except as accents for something else.  The punch is fun, but I wasn't quite sure what I would do just using the punch.  I like the idea of a background design using hexagons, but that punch is really too large to make the kind of card I was thinking of.  So instead I turned to the Hexagon Hive Thinlits Die, which is part of the Stampin' Up! Sizzix collection.

     I did want something a bit different for this challenge, though, so I didn't simply die cut some paper or cardstock to make my design.  What I did was cut a piece of cardstock and two pieces of the floral paper from the Stampin' Up! Flowerpot Designer Series Paper set. You see, I needed to make something "geometrical," but I also wanted something that had a floral feel to it!  Here are the steps I took to make my background design for this card.

  1. Die cut two pieces of Flowerpot Designer Series Paper, press out all of the pieces that cut all the way through (not all pieces of this die cut all the way through) and set those pieces aside.  I also set the pieces that had been punched aside, and you'll see more of that in a later blog post.
  2. Die cut one piece of cardstock with the Thinlit.  This piece did not have to coordinate with the other papers as I was just going to use it basically as a stencil.  But once I got the idea that I might use various pieces for later projects, I decided to make the stencil piece coordinate, too.  So I cut it out of Tangerine Tango Cardstock.
  3. Cut a 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" piece of Tangerine Tango Cardstock and texturize it with the Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder.
  4. Lay the stencil piece on top of the Tangerine Tango Cardstock.
  5. Take the small hexagons punched with the Designer Series Paper and lay them in the die cut hexagons formed by the Tangerine Tango Cardstock until the design works to your liking. 
  6. Apply adhesive to each of the little hexagons and adhere them to the Tangerine Tango Cardstock using the hexagons in the Tangerine Tango Cardstock to place them.
  7. Remove the stencil and trim around the edges formed by the edges of the hexagons.
  8. There's your background design!

     Adhere the background design to a piece of coordinating cardstock (mine was Night of Navy) 1/4" wider all around than the background design, and then adhere that to a card base that's 5-1/2" h  x 4-1/4" wide, folded at the left.

     From this point, decorate your card as you wish.  I added sentiments from the Petite Pairs Stamp Set, stamped with Night of Navy Classic Ink on Whisper White Cardstock along with the outline hexagon image from the Six-Sided Sampler Stamp Set and then punched the stamped images out using the Hexagon PunchBut I wanted the stamped images to have a mat behind them.  So I hand-trimmed the stamped images around the stamped hexagon then punched two hexagons from Night of Navy Cardstock using the Hexagon Punch and adhered the stamped image to the newly-punched cardstock.  I applied them to the card with Stampin' Dimensionals.

     I still had this floral design in my head, so I went for another punch – the Petite Petals Punch – and punched several out of Night of Navy Cardstock to add to various open "holes" in the hexagon design.

     The final touch was to add some Whisper White Candy Dots to the center of the Navy flowers to mimic the flowers in one of the printer papers.

     Actually, this was not the final touch for all the work I did to make this geometrical design.  There were all those Hexagon Hive Thinlit die cuts lying around, and I sure didn't want them to go to waste!  So later this week, I'll share what I did with them.  Robin's Craft Room isn't a zero waste zone.  But it sure is a "waste not, want not" zone!



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